Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kid's Perspective

Kendall's Post

We went to the goat farm and the school house on Saturday with Grandma Brooks, Mom, Dad, and my brother. The school house was a big, one-room, building. It had a big wood stove in the middle of the room and school desks were all around it. Each desk had a small chalk board and chalk because there was very little paper and pencils back then. They used the chalk boards to write on, to learn, and spell. In the corner, there was a stool with a hat that said dunce on it. They used it for students who were bad at school. They had to get on the stool and put on the hat if they were bad.

The Fossil Creek Creamery was our next stop. What they do at the Fossil Creek Creamery is raise goats, milk the goats, and make cheese and other products with the milk. I got to pet and feed the goats. They had some cute babies that I got to see twin babies. One of the twin goats couldn’t walk yet or maybe wasn’t feeling good. The older goat was walking around the little one.

On Monday, we went to Fossil Creek. The dirt road to Fossil Creek was very narrow and scary. It was so narrow that we had to pull off to the side when other cars were coming so they could pass. I saw how beautiful it looked over the cliff all the way down to the creek. Once we got down there, we had to find a place where no people were and we did. We got to swim in the creek in a pool and it was freezing cold in the water. We were looking for the power plant but we couldn’t find it because it was already torn down. We had fun anyway on our trip.

Zach's Post

Last weekend we went to many places. We went to the Strawberry Schoolhouse,the Fossil Creek Creamery,and Fossil Creek. It must've been very hard to get to school back then. The snow and distance were a great problem in the route to the schoolhouse. The Fossil Creek Creamery was another place we went. It was a fun trip. We learned a lot about the Creamery. We also saw goats. At the end of our trip we swam in the creek. The water was very cold. We had a fun trip and got to see more of Strawberry,AZ.

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