Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bagdad and Skull Valley Arizona (Kid's Perspective)

By: Kendall Brooks

This weekend we took a trip to Bagdad, Az and stayed with Grandma & Papa. Papa set up a trip to the Bagdad mine with Bob. We saw a huge pit, a lot of rocks and huge trucks. We got to see one Huge truck being built and we stood next to the big truck. We got to see large copper plates that must have weighed 100 pounds each. We also saw a pool with copper floating at the top. There was a conveyer belt that was spilling rocks out of the top and making its own mountain. They made me wear a hard hat, glasses that protect your eyes and an orange vest. I was supposed to be Nine years old but Bob said “You are Nine Today”.
After the mine we went Skull Valley and saw the Train Museum. In the train museum we saw a 100 year old wedding dress. We learned how Skull Valley got its name. We ate lunch at the Skull Valley Dinner and I had huge kid’s burger.
What I liked the most about our trip was the mine and the big trucks. I was very happy to see Frannie when I got home.

By: Zach Brooks

This weekend we went to many places. We went to the Bagdad, AZ mine. We also went to Kirkland. The last pace we visited was the town Skull Valley. At the mine I learned many interesting things such as: the mine has a drip system for acid to dissolve the copper, this bleaches all color from the walls of the pit. The best thing I saw during my trip was the truck haulers. They were huge! I was ¼ the size of the wheel! They are used to haul rocks out of the mine. I also learned something in Skull valley. This valley has a very violent history. It started when the Apache-Yavapai was kicked out of a Pima village. When the able bodied Pima went out to a harvesting festival the Apache-Yavapai attacked everyone there was kidnapped everything was destroyed. The Pima Indians were infuriated. They killed every weak Apache-Yavapai Indian. The bodies were not buried. The army from the fort in Arizona named this land skull valley. This was my trip during the weekend.

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