Sunday, August 15, 2010


So, my husband Tom and I had this idea that kids these days do not know or understand enough United States history and that we, as parents, should be teaching them things they don’t learn in school. Well, I’d love to say that we are packing up the RV and heading out to travel the country, but that is not possible right now for obvious reasons. So, the next best thing is to start this process here in our own state of Arizona, where we can take short day or weekend trips. To chronicle our adventure, we’ve decided to start a blog of our adventures. We’ll tell about out adventures and what interesting historical facts we have learned about our great state and try to pass them on. Who knows, it may be interesting to someone or they might learn something new. Hopefully, it will teach our children a little more and make them curious about the history of not only Arizona but of this great nation we call America.

The first blog is pretty long. I guess I need to get better at editing and being concise. I promise future posts will not be as long.


  1. What a fantastic idea. We've been doing the same kind of thing here in Maine - taking the kids to museums, old forts, and Acadia Nat'l Park. We've all learned a few things along the way.

  2. We spent a several weeks at the end of last year doing South Carlina history and it was so fun! I would be happy to create a South Carolina blog so you can share in our history adventures! What a great idea Danna!

  3. Sounds great Jenny. I'd love to learn more about your state. I'll let the kids read it too.